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The Doocloone affix


Doocloone was originally my mother's affix which, if I remember right, she registered with the English Kennel Club way back in the 1930s or 40s - first for Kerry Blue Terriers and then Dobermans (plus a few miniature and toy Poodles and even miniature Pinschers along the way). My mother died in 1996 so, when I returned to the UK from France, I applied to the Kennel Club to have it registered in my name. Then when I moved back to France in 2005, I applied to transfer it to the French Kennel Club.


My involvement with Sloughis


Ever since the first time that I went to live in France (more years ago than I care to remember!), I have grown more and more interested in the Sloughi breed - from a racing or lure coursing point of view as well as for the show-ring. During one of my periods of living in the UK, I imported two of my Sloughis from France - first of all Samra in November 2001 and then Uazzer in October 2004 and of course they both came back to France with me when I returned there in 2005.

Then in 2007, I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain a new addition to the Doocloone pack (brindle of course!!) - a female Sloughia called Chaaba'h Chucha de la Cité du Guerrier from top French breeders Michel GOUZY and his daughter Laurence BONNET.

And in 2008, another addition to my Sloughi pack (but sand with black mask this time breaking away from my old habit of brindle!) a young male called Djalal-Mansour at Doocloone d'Al Mahdi from my friend Françoise LATAPIE.


November 2005 - May 2011

I moved back to France in 2005 (for the fourth time!!!!) with all my dogs to live in a dilapidated and isolated old country farmhouse in southern Touraine. 

Unfortunately, due to serious problems caused by my co-owner from the summer of 2006 onwards, I was not able to make any plans to stay, to repair or improve the house and grounds, nor even to move somewhere else until the situation was finally resolved by the French courts, unfortunately not at all fairly.

1999 - 2005

I have wonderful memories of the years that I spent in this house in Princetown on the High Moor (Dartmoor).

Princetown itself is one of the friendliest places I have ever known and it is surrounded by the most glorious open countryside which is perfect for long or short outings with hounds or on horseback.

I joined the local fire service for a short while as a trainee and loved every minute of it (even when strung upside down under a ladder....).

When I was living in Princetown, there were three great pubs - Plume of Feathers (when James Langton was landlord), Prince of Wales and Railway Inn (aka Devil's Elbow). And then there was always the Forest Inn at Hexworthy, or others in Tavistock, or Yelverton .....


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